Willow Creek China Flat Museum

The Willow Creek – China Flat Museum is home of the “Bigfoot Collection” in Willow Creek, California; “Bigfoot Capital of the World”

On May 6, 2000 The Willow Creek – China Flat museum opened its Bigfoot collection to the public. The keynote speaker was John Green, legendary Bigfoot investigator, and the event was attended by Bigfoot enthusiasts from around the Pacific Northwest.

The front of the wing which houses the collection is guarded by a redwood sculpture of bigfoot that looms about twenty-five feet over the parking lot. The wing houses displays of critical bigfoot evidence, a variety of footprint casts, a collection of bigfoot related pop-culture toys, and collectables, as well as a growing archive of information that may become the heart of a research center for California bigfoot activity.

38949 CA-299, Willow Creek, CA 95573

(530) 629-2653


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